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  • The promotion of the teaching of Irish and the development of Irish in the educational system
  • The provision of professional services for teachers at every level of the educational system
  • The promotion of Irish with the most effective facilities and methods
  • Complete participation with the educational institutes in implementing necessary reforms and reviewing the curriculum when required
  • Cooperation for the benefit of the teaching of Irish and teaching through the medium of Irish


Comhar na Múinteoirí Gaeilge working in cooperation with:

  • Branches throughout the country
  • Teachers and schools
  • Educational and Irish institutes
  • Publishers and Scholars
  • The Department of Education
  • You???

Comhar na Múinteoirí Gaeilge

  • 36% of the Population speak Irish – most of them from school.
  • Supporting the teaching of the Irish language at all levels!
  • Design and Implementation of a new syllabus – to ensure much improved examination results.
  • Community Development throughout the country – in organisations and on committees.
  • Provision of Teaching and Learning materials – list availble!
  • Be part of it Bígí linn – Bígí i gComhar linn!




  • Inservice courses
  • Talks and Seminars
  • Exhibitions
  • Provision of teaching/learning materials
  • Occassional publications
  • Competitions
  • Representation on numerous Commitees and other Irish Organisations
Urraithe ag Foras na Gaeilge